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Invoice Automation / P2P

Labor-intensive paper-based invoices have plagued accounts payable (AP) departments for decades. Arcplace Automated Invoice Processing solutions help organizations to eliminate paper-based invoices, achieve real-time visibility, improve control, and boost the bottom line. A further optimization of the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process can be achieved by adding e-Procurement capabilities for controlling indirect spend.

Supplier Invoice Automation

With Arcplace Automated Invoice Processing solutions, you can automate the entire invoice-handling process, including paper-based Invoice data capture, incorporate review and approval workflow, and manage transfers and payments. Savings accrue because organizations no longer need to manually check, internally distribute, locate or archive paper-based invoices. By integrating the solutions with your existing systems, you can leverage even greater return on your existing investments.

Advantages of the Arcplace Automated Invoice Processing solutions:

  • Complete solutions from scanning to archiving
  • High automation through advanced matching capabilities
  • Integrated with national and international e-invoicing networks
  • ERP-System independent
  • Available as on premise installation or as a service (managed or cloud)




In order to optimize the entire Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process, Arcplace offers solutions that allow optimizing the following steps:

  • Catalogs: Catalogs from preferred suppliers are the first step in a Purchase-to-Pay system.
  • Purchase requisitions: Once a product has been selected from a catalog, the end user sends a purchase requisition to the appropriate manager.
  • Purchase Order workflow: Upon approval of the purchase requisition by the manager, a purchase order is generated.
  • Invoicing: Automated invoice processing allows to saves time and money, and also includes a reconciliation feature that matches purchase orders to invoices.
  • Payment: Once an invoice is approved for payment, a ready-to-pay file is generated into the company's finance or ERP system, which will result in payment being made to the supplier by the end of the period for which the supplier has extended credit.

The components of the Arcplace P2P solutions are:

  • E-Procurement: For generating Purchase Orders for indirect spend
  • Invoice Automation: For automating the invoice approval process
  • Analytics: For insight into the complete P2P process
  • Commerce Network: For exchanging e-Invoices and e-Orders with suppliers

Arcplace technology partner

Arcplace maintains a number of strategic partnerships in the field of Invoice Automation / P2P. These are the most commonly used solutions:

  • TCG DocProStar
  • Basware Alusta
  • Hyland OnBase

With these technologies, Arcplace is in a position to flexibly and successfully meet the most diverse requirements when designing and implementing automated invoice processing and optimizing P2P processes.

More process transparency

With the additional module Basware Analytics, you benefit from continuous optimization thanks to real-time data at the push of a button. The analytics solution delivers meaningful conclusions from your financial data and insights that support your strategic decisions. Analytics is a data visualization tool that gives you a comprehensive view of all your company's financial data. It helps you to identify and prioritize starting points for process improvement, savings and growth. This enables you to truly transform your business and align it for success.


Basware Analytics:

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