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Case Study

Cost-efficient SAP archive for Hotelplan

SAP Archiving

We provide modern, cost-effective, and certified SAP archiving solutions. These facilitate the electronic management of SAP-related documents, ensuring efficiency and compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Our SAP archiving solutions facilitate legally compliant document archiving, data archiving and archiving of print lists via ArchiveLink, ILM and CMIS.

The archiving platform can be implemented on-site, hosted on a public cloud, or accessed through Arcplace's cloud services.

SAP Document Archiving

SAP's content server, designed for short-term, small data storage, is inadequate for long-term, legally compliant document management. Companies need an archiving solution compatible with SAP and evolving storage systems. This solution should support current and future SAP transitions, including ERP to SAP S/4HANA, and adapt to on-premises, hybrid, and cloud applications, ensuring comprehensive SAP archiving capabilities.

SAP Data Archiving

In SAP systems, databases expand rapidly, leading to performance challenges. Continuously increasing memory often falls short as a solution, making data archiving a necessary long-term strategy to efficiently manage online data storage. Unlike simpler classic document archiving, data archiving in SAP is a complex project. It requires close collaboration between IT and business departments, as the selection of archiving objects depends heavily on business needs.

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Cloud and S/4HANA – From ArchiveLink to CMIS

ArchiveLink - the standard and proven interface from the SAP on-premises ERP world - will not survive the cloud age. If a company is planning or already on its way to implement cloud systems or hybrid scenarios, the time has come to rethink the document management strategy as well. A new interface standard for handling is now required: CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services). This SAP-independent standard also enables the consolidation of all archive concepts, including those of other cloud applications in the company. Via migration tools, a transition can be tackled elegantly and quickly.

White Papers

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Data archiving in SAP

Over the long-term, only data archiving will help to sustainably reduce the data stored online in the database


Case Studies

Hotelplan Group

Comprehensive and cost-efficient SAP archive for Hotelplan


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