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Content Services Platform

Modern applications that manage and store documents and other types of content are referred to as a Content Services Platform (CSP). Besides covering the traditional functionality of DMS and ECM systems, a Content Services Platform uses microservices architectures and open interfaces. This design allows for seamless integration with other applications and leverages the advantages of cloud infrastructure services.

From DMS to CSP

This table highlights the unique attributes and differences between Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Content Services Platforms (CSP).


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Nuxeo Content Services Platform

  • Store different types of content like text, documents, video, audio
  • Set of services and microservices, embodied as an integrated product suite and applications that share common APIs and repositories
  • Exploits diverse content types and serves numerous use cases across an organization
  • Enable users to create, share, collaborate on content

Nuxeo Main Characteristics

Data + Content

One platform for all of your data or content management needs

Maximum Performance

Leading-edge technologies ensure maximum performance & scalability

Cloud-Native Architecture

Deploy anywhere with all the advantages of a native cloud solution


Efficiently manage content with API-first approach for seamless integration and scalability

Low-Code, Not No Code

Simple enough to build apps in weeks; powerful enough for even the most complex business solutions

Business-Specific AI

Greater insight through custom models trained for your unique business

Nuxeo White Paper

This guide explores why we benchmarked the Nuxeo Platform with more than 11 billion documents, why we used a phased approach to this exercise and key takeaways for enterprise organizations looking to scale out their content-centric applications.


Arcplace Cloud DMS/Archive Service

Arcplace has developed a cloud service that allows companies to make use of a high-end document management and archiving platform at a significantly lower cost than that for an in-house solution. Arcplace garantees 100% data storage in Switzerland.

The Cloud DMS/Archive service furthermore allows customers to archive documents in compliance with both Swiss and international archiving laws and regulations. In order to ensure disaster recovery and compliance, the Arcplace infrastructure is hosted in highly secure datacenters.

To maximize accessibility and quality, the Arcplace Operations Team monitors and manages the infrastructure from its operations center in Zurich. Both the Cloud DMS/Archive service and the datacenters are certified against the ISO 27001 information security standard.

White Papers

Anywhere Work drives Demand for modern and resilient Content Services

Post-pandemic, content management decision-makers are transitioning from reactive to proactive strategies, focusing on enabling permanent remote work experiences. Modern content services platforms are essential for supporting this shift, enhancing customer and employee experiences, and mitigating emerging threats in a globally expanding, hybrid work environment.


Two Inconvenient Truths IT Needs to Know Before Selecting an ECM Solution

To get beyond simply being "suppliers of technology" and have an impact on how their organizations get value out of their information assets, IT has to face inconvenient truths when evaluating ECM systems. Learn two key areas where IT can provide important insight into their organization’s ECM purchase.



Evaluation of ECM Solutions

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Implementation of an ECM Solution

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