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Archiving E-Communications

Messaging Archiving

Companies face the challenge of implementing a strategy to tame the growth of electronic messaging and to satisfy the communication data retention regulations. To address these challenges, Arcplace offers solutions and services for archiving communication data such as emails or a variety of other sources.

Depending on the source systems used, the specific archiving requirements and the corporate strategy, Arcplace supports customers in designing and implementing the optimal archiving solution for communication data.

Using state-of-the-art connectors, data such as chat logs, instant messages or activities in social networks can be stored in the data archive from over 60 different sources. This allows the information to remain preserved and traceable. The archived communication data is full-text searchable for possible inquiries within the scope of e-discovery. Thus you fulfil the desired obligation to provide information to customers, suppliers or authorities.

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Communication Archiving, Supervision and e-Discovery

Capture all relevant information

Ingests data from more than 120 popular communication platforms, including team collaboration tools, messaging apps and financial platforms.

Archive in compliance with relevant regulations

Seamlessly move data from multiple sources to an on-premise, Swiss or international cloud archiving platform for advanced retention and supervision.

Monitor supervision workflows

Perform cost-effective supervisory review of regulated communications with Advanced Supervision. This intelligent compliance monitoring engine helps administrators configure, manage and control application workflows.

Find and retrieve information efficiently

Index and classify archived data to allow for fast search and supervision while accelerating legal holds.


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