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Turning Documents into Data


By digitizing physical documents, organizations can optimize business processes, save physical space and better leverage technology investments. With document scanning, companies can unlock paper burdened workflows and move toward a paperless office.

The digitization process typically consists of a scanning phase which can be performed using dedicated scanning devices or multifunctional peripherals (MFPs). Following the scanning phase, capture software can be used to classify the documents and extract the information that is required for processing them. The results (e.g. a PDF files with associated metadata) are then passed to a business application such as a DMS, ECM or ERP.

The Arcplace Scanning Solutions include:

  • Scanning hardware
  • Capture software for indexing the scanned documents
  • Design, installation and configuration services

The Arcplace Scanning Services include:

  • Services for the digitization of existing paper records
  • Services for the ongoing digitization of documents

Arcplace Scanning Services

Despite the fact that an increasing number of companies are moving from paper to digital documents, many organizations still have large paper archives and a significant amount of time-consuming paper-based processes. The Arcplace Scanning Services allow companies to benefit quickly from the advantages of digital documents without the need for setting up and maintaining internal scanning infrastructure and resources.

Arcplace offers Scanning Services on-site at the customer’s premises or in its own Scan & BPO Center.


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Arcplace Scan & BPO Center

The Arcplace Scan & BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Center in Glattbrugg, Switzerland processes documents of all types for companies all across Switzerland. It is on one hand used for recurring scanning activities such as the scanning of supplier invoices, orders or the complete mail traffic. The Scan & BPO Center is also used for the digitization of larger paper archives that are then typically transferred to DMS, ECM or ERP systems.

The Arcplace Scan & BPO Center is certified to the ISO 27001 security standard and uses state of the art technology for the digitization and capture of documents of all types and sizes. A professional team consisting of project managers, engineer and scanning operators helps customers to define and implement the scanning processes that best suits the requirements.

Legal requirements for the electronic personnel dossier

The legal requirements for the electronic personnel dossier are described in this White Paper. It also shows under which circumstances it is possible to do without physical documents in the personnel dossier and what the legal requirements are for scanning personnel dossiers.

White Paper:

E-Dossiers and the law

Legal requirements for the electronic personnel dossier (German)


White Paper: Turning Documents into Data

The concepts of scanning and capture are not new, with many organizations actively working to reduce the amount of paper they process. AIIM research shows that 74% of respondents have business improvement campaigns that would benefit from reducing paper in business processes. Scanning documents is the first step in the process and brings many business benefits; however, it is capturing information from the page that is the biggest value proposition.

In this report, we’ll investigate current scanning and capture trends, the benefits organizations realize from this technology and some of the issues they report. We also take a deeper look at what is possible using the latest capture technology to improve business processes.

Turning Documents into Data

Using data capture technology to automate the processing of your documents


Case Study: Scanning Services for Raiffeisen bank

The Raiffeisen bank in Burgdorf decided to digitize customer and credit files and transfer them to the newly created Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS), as part of its E-Dossier project.

The aim of the digitization was to make it faster and easier to process the documents and thus to further improve customer service. After evaluating various options, the Raiffeisen bank in Burgdorf decided to work with Arcplace.




Digitizing files at the Raiffeisen bank in Burgdorf