Automatically capture, distribute and archive incoming mail

A company receives information in many different forms – as paper-based letters, via forms on websites, as emails or as data entered by customers on various devices. A Digital Mailroom creates a central point of entry where all incoming paper-based and digital information is automatically captured to be distributed electronically throughout the company, traceably processed and finally archived in a legally compliant manner.

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  • You need a Digital Mailroom if ...
  • The Benefits
  • How it works in 6 steps
  • Operating models: In-house or as a service
  • Use of leading technologies

You need a Digital Mailroom if ...

... process delays or interruptions are common in your organization due to documents not being forwarded or being forwarded too slowly,

... manually processing of incoming mail generates high costs,

... you must fulfil compliance requirements and track incoming information at all times,

... storing paper documents causes you space problems,

... you spend a lot of time manually searching for information.


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