June 7th, 2022

Hotelplan opts for comprehensive SAP archiving solution from Arcplace

The existing SAP archiving systems used by Hotelplan and its subsidiary Interhome were to be replaced by a cost-efficient and comprehensive archive. The Hotelplan Group commissioned the Swiss information management and archiving specialist Arcplace to develop and implement the new solution. Around 7.8 million documents were transferred to a new, legally compliant SAP archive based on technology from kgs Software. This reduced costs, increased stability and improved scalability.

(Image source: Hotelplan Group)

The Hotelplan Group is a subsidiary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and is responsible for strategy, finance and IT, among other things. The existing archives were subject to high and continuously increasing costs while providing an inadequate service. In the search for an alternative, the company opted for Arcplace's solution. "We wanted a solution that is already used in the Migros Group and had good references in Switzerland. The project required the consultants to have a high level of expertise and the ability to quickly build up an understanding of our special processes, which do not always correspond to the SAP standard," explains Markus Spichtig, Director Application Development at Hotelplan Group.

Transfer of around 7.8 million documents to the new SAP archiving solution

Once the work packages had been concepted and modularized – which included installation, migration, VIM integration and scanning methods – approximately 1.5 million documents were migrated from the test system and around 6.3 million were migrated from the productive environment to the kgs archive. The components kgs ContentServer, kgs MigrationServer, kgs ProxyServer and kgs ScanClient were used.

Compliant archiving in SAP without any media disruptions

Thanks to the new solution from Arcplace, which is fully integrated into the SAP system landscape, Hotelplan is able to archive new documents without any media disruptions. The files are now archived in line with the higher compliance requirements. The legally compliant SAP archive is used for archiving general SAP archiving documents (GOS), documents from the VIM, various invoice types, invoice attachments and contracts. Markus Spichtig: "We were and are satisfied with Arcplace's service. We carried out the project with minimal cost and time overruns. The archive is very stable and updates are relatively easy to implement."

Arcplace AG

Swiss company Arcplace AG is a specialized IT service provider that supports organizations in the digitization and automation of document related processes as well as in electronic archiving.

Since its founding in 2006, Arcplace has implemented solutions for more than 900 customers across a wide range of sectors. Arcplace is a privately owned and independent company with a professional team of over 90 employees.

Arcplace offers its services via datacenters located in Switzerland and is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for information security.


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