June 26th, 2018

Helvetia digitizes incoming mail with Arcplace

For the implementation of its ECM strategy, Helvetia Insurance has decided to commission an external service provider with the digitization of its incoming mail. An evaluation of suitable scanning specialists led the company to choose Arcplace.

Helvetia Versicherungen

Representatives from Helvetia Insurance and Arcplace after signing the contract (left to right): Roger Gander, Head of Facility Management at Helvetia - Thomas Kramer, Head of Infrastructure and Organization at Helvetia - Robbert Spierings, CEO Arcplace - Matthias Göckel, Project Manager of ECM@BV at Helvetia - Volker Meyer, Sub-Project Manager of Scanning at Helvetia - Michael Niederjohann, Head of Scan Center & BPO Arcplace - Daniel Mettler, Project Manager at Arcplace - Markus Saladin, ECM Programme Manager at Helvetia.


Helvetia is a quality-oriented all-lines insurer with 160 years of experience. It is one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland, supporting more than 1.3 million customers with 38 general agencies and around 3,500 employees.

Mail receipt at Helvetia currently takes place on a localized basis at various locations. After the mail is received, it is opened and forwarded by means of a group mailbox, largely in physical form, to the relevant department for further processing. In some cases mail is scanned after opening, classified by the logistics department, and distributed to the corresponding electronic mailboxes. These business processes are now being optimized and automated with the support of Arcplace. “We are delighted that Helvetia has opted for our scanning services and that we have been able to execute this ambitious project with such a renowned company”, explains Michael Niederjohann, Head of Scan Center & BPO Arcplace.

Processing of 8,100,000 pages a year

In future, through the staggered introduction of a digital mailroom over the next few years, a total of approximately one million pieces of mail – which corresponds to around 8,100,000 pages – will be forwarded centrally through a mailbox from Helvetia to the Arcplace Scan Center, where the mail will undergo sorting, opening, re-sorting, preparation for processing and scanning. Here, Arcplace will make use of the scanning technology from OPEX. The scanning workstation will take over the automated opening, the individual page recording and the scanning of the documents.

After the mail items have been digitized, they will be forwarded to Helvetia by means of secure data exchange. Detailed reporting on the processing provides daily information about the service provision by Arcplace. The physical items of mail will be stored for a fixed interim period and then certifiably destroyed.

A client portal for reporting and analyses

In order to be able to ensure the traceability of the tasks executed and to report on this, an electronic process monitoring system is being implemented during the course of the overall project. The data emerging from this will be prepared graphically in a client portal and made available to authorised employees of Helvetia.


 Digital Mailroom


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