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VERIT expediting Digital Transformation

Real Estate Management

For several years now, Arcplace has been able to support companies in the real estate management sector with the digitization of their specialist processes. This experience has served as a foundation for the development of corresponding industry-specific solutions.

Typical Use Cases

With its scalable and configurable solutions, Arcplace can help to set the course for a successful digital journey. In real estate management, we support you with the following use cases, for example:

Invoice Automation


Real estate management companies have to process an exceptionally large number of accounts payable invoices relating to properties. Here, Arcplace can assist with various technologies and optimize receipt, processing and approval of invoices.

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Digital Mailroom


Full digitization of incoming mail is one of our core competencies. Here, we process incoming mail, both physical and electronic, and make it available to managers, enriched with valuable data. Get to know the various possibilities of a digital mailroom.

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Property and Tenant Dossiers

Property and Tenant Dossiers

For property managers, efficient administration and management of facilities, buildings and equipment, as well as the management of tenant relationships, also involves keeping property and tenant dossiers. It is essential that these dossiers can be retrieved in full, quickly and at any time, including away from the office. The relevant data protection requirements are taken into account here.

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Compliant Archiving


Real estate managers in particular can save a lot of paper and resources through maximum digitization of work processes. Client examples have shown that digitization of physical dossiers can save up to a third of valuable office space. Meanwhile, archive solutions allow for adherence to retention periods and offer the utmost security with regard to data access.

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Process Solutions for Real Estate Managers

Alongside the typical use cases for real estate managers, we also have readymade solutions for the following needs and processes:

  • Handover of Mandates

    Digitization and classification of documents for handover of mandates.
  • Classification in the Mailroom

    Learned artificial intelligence for industry-specific document classification.
  • Digital Acceptance Protocols

    Existing connection for importing digital acceptance protocols into the e-dossier solution.
  • Integrations

    Experience in connecting to leading industry-specific systems such as REM, Garaio REM, Tayo and others.


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Case Studies

Case Study VERIT Immobilien AG

VERIT Immobilien AG

The real estate service provider expediting digital transformation with Arcplace

Case Study Apleona (Bilfinger Real Estate)


Apleona (formerly Bilfinger Real Estate) automates its invoice processing


Video: Digital Transformation at Livit

With the help of Arcplace, the Real Estate Company Livit AG has digitized 150’000 rental contract dossiers. Creditor invoices and further correspondence is automatically digitized nowadays, handed over to respective workflow solutions and electronically archived following compliance standards.

In the movie a Livit employee explains, which efficiency wins and optimizations have been obtained for the company and the employees.