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Digital invoice dispatch at Coop Mineraloel AG

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) includes any of the strategies and technologies employed for managing the capture, storage, retrieval, distribution, preservation and destruction of documents and content.

ECM especially concerns content imported into or generated from within an organization in the course of its operations, and includes the control of access to this content from outside of the organization's processes.

ECM systems are designed to manage both structured and unstructured content, so that an organization can more effectively meet business goals, serve its customers, and protect itself (against non-compliance, law-suits, uncoordinated departments or turnover within the organization).

Deploying an ECM solution is a process that requires the development of a well thought-out plan based on factors such as the overall company strategy, compliance requirements, existing infrastructure and applications, business processes, and financial and human resources.

Arcplace can support organizations throughout the different phases of an ECM project with consulting, deployment and integration services. To cover the full scope of an ECM project, Arcplace has access to a network of internal and external specialists who can be involved wherever and whenever required.


Arcplace has, for example, experience gained from customer projects involving ECM technologies in the following areas:

  • Flexible, structured document management (DMS) with dossiers
  • Compliant archiving and records management
  • Business process automation (workflow/BPM, case management)
  • Integration into a range of applications (ERP, Office, Outlook)
  • Input management through a digital inbox and scanning solutions
Enterprise Content Management ECM

Dokumenten Management System (DMS)

Document management is often regarded as one of the first and thus most fundamental use cases in the context of the introduction of an ECM solution. The ECM technologies offered by Arcplace provide a company with various functions to make handling documents more efficient and less risky. The key DMS functions include:

  • Structuring of document collections (dossier, file structure)
  • Indexing of documents (metadata)
  • Full-text search
  • Document versioning
  • Lifecycle management (retention periods)
  • Integration into scanning solutions (scanning stations)
  • Protection against unauthorized access and encryption
  • Logging of data access
  • Compliant archiving by ensuring data integrity
  • Integration into specialized applications (master data exchange, linking of documents)
  • Mobile and location-independent access, simultaneous access
  • Intuitive integration into Outlook / Office

Typical ECM Use Cases

Important ECM functionalities

The following are typical important functionalities that are covered by Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems:

  • Capture
  • Workflow
  • Case Management
  • E-Forms
  • E-Signatures
  • E-Dossiers
  • Records Management
  • E-Archive
  • Integration with third-party applications

Flexible implementation models

There are different implementation models available for the ECM technologies used by Arcplace. Besides conventional on-premise installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of cloud-based services, solutions are offered from Arcplace's datacenters or the manufacturer in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Flexible implementation models


With the help of Arcplace, the Real Estate Company Livit AG has digitized 150’000 rental contract dossiers. Creditor invoices and further correspondence is automatically digitized nowadays, handed over to respective workflow solutions and electronically archived following compliance standards.

In the movie a Livit employee explains, which efficiency wins and optimizations have been obtained for the company and the employees.

Case Study:

Coop Mineraloel AG

Digitization of invoice dispatch with innovative cloud solution



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Arcplace ECM solution partners

In the field of ECM, Arcplace has formed a strategic partnership with Hyland Software and Kendox. Hyland is one of the top ECM vendors according to Gartner. With the OnBase solution from Hyland Software, Arcplace has a leading ECM solution in its portfolio. Arcplace offers the Kendox solution exclusively as a cloud service from Swiss datacenters. Kendox is a powerful solution for the management and archiving of business documents.

With these technologies, Arcplace is able to offer the necessary flexibility to successfully meet the requirements and deliver on the concept and introduction of a suitable solution.