Automated Invoice Processing and Legally Compliant Archiving

Invoice processing solutions enable companies to process incoming paper and PDF invoices largely automatically - and thus quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. The technologically leading solutions from Arcplace cover all process steps from invoice receipt to legally compliant archiving. They are available either as an on-premise solution or as a service.

Dossier Invoice Automation / P2P - Arcplace

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  • You need automated invoice processing if ...
  • The benefits
  • Staggering costs due to manual processes
  • Processing paper and PDF invoices automatically
  • Efficient processing within workflows
  • Legally compliant archiving
  • Further automation and e-invoicing
  • The future: end-to-end purchase-to-pay processes
  • Use of leading technologies

You need Automated Invoice Processing if ...

... your company receives at least 1,500 paper and PDF invoices per month,

... these invoices are processed manually, which is costly,

... processing is slow and a cash discount does not offer any benefits,

... you do not always know exactly where an invoice is currently located in the company,

... invoices are left unpaid due to absences,

... a lot of space is needed to archive paper invoices,

... from an accounting perspective, the processing is insufficiently transparent.


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