Case Study

Digitization at Coop Mineraloel AG

Document Management

Document management is one of the first and thus most fundamental use cases in the context of the introduction of a Document Management System (DMS) or an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform.

The DMS/ECM technologies offered by Arcplace provide a company with various functions to make handling documents more efficient and less risky. The key document management functions include:

  • Structuring of document collections (dossier, file structure)
  • Indexing of documents (metadata)
  • Full-text search
  • Document versioning
  • Lifecycle management (retention periods)
  • Integration into scanning solutions (scanning stations)
  • Protection against unauthorized access and encryption
  • Logging of data access
  • Compliant archiving by ensuring data integrity
  • Integration into specialized applications (master data exchange, linking of documents)
  • Mobile and location-independent access, simultaneous access
  • Intuitive integration into Outlook / Office

Cloud DMS/Archive

Arcplace has developed a cloud service that allows companies to make use of a high-end document management and archiving platform at a significantly lower cost than that for an in-house solution. Arcplace garantees 100% data storage in Switzerland.

The Cloud DMS/Archive service furthermore allows customers to archive documents in compliance with both Swiss and international archiving laws and regulations. In order to ensure disaster recovery and compliance, the Arcplace infrastructure is hosted in highly secure datacenters.

To maximize accessibility and quality, the Arcplace Operations Team monitors and manages the infrastructure from its operations center in Zurich. Both the Cloud DMS/Archive service and the datacenters are certified against the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Flexible Implementation Models

There are different implementation models available for the DMS technologies used by Arcplace. Besides conventional on-premise installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of a cloud-based service, the solution is offered from Arcplace's datacenters.


Arcplace DMS/ECM Solution Partners

In the field of DMS/ECM, Arcplace has strategic partnerships with Hyland Software and Kendox. Hyland is one of the top ECM vendors according to Gartner. With the OnBase solution from Hyland Software, Arcplace has a leading ECM solution in its portfolio. Arcplace offers the Kendox solution exclusively as a cloud service from Swiss datacenters. Kendox is a powerful solution for the management and archiving of business documents.

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