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Expense Management was never easier!

Expense Management

For digitization of the expenses process, we use the solution from Yokoy Group AG. The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to process expense receipts automatically. Optimized expense management with intelligent company credit cards can be operated on one platform.

Management of Expenses in Seconds

Yokoy saves you time and money, boosts employee satisfaction, generates valuable findings from your data and ensures compliance. You then only need to check special cases. The rest is fully automated thanks to artificial intelligence.

The complete processing, from the photo of the receipt and correct posting in the ERP system (incl. VAT posting) to reimbursing the employee, is dealt with in less than five seconds by means of artificial intelligence. Your finance team then only has to deal with special cases.

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Solution Advantages

Self-learning tool

Self-learning Tool

A self-learning tool based on machine learning. Yokoy’s in-house research laboratory for artificial intelligence is continually improving all machine learning models for your benefit. Your Yokoy tool learns from all your receipts and actions and is able to fill in expense forms, including the VAT, automatically for you.

Full automation

Full Automation

Full automation, not just digitization. Yokoy finds all outliers, rule violations and potentially fraudulent cases and sends them to an approver for manual review; the rest is fully automated from submission to export to your accounting system.



Customize your process flow. Yokoy is the only expense management tool with which you can create your unique process flow without needing engineers to code and maintain it for you. This gives you full flexibility, saves you money and is truly scalable!

Integrate Yokoy


Integrate Yokoy into your system landscape. Stable integrations are the key to automating the data flow between different tools! Yokoy integrates with all major third-party tools and also provides all partners and customers with the free open Yokoy API platform.


Video: Expense Management with Yokoy

The expenses tool learns autonomously by analysing all available proofs of purchase, meaning it can fill out expense forms automatically. Even handwritten notes on documents can be recognized and included. From photographing a proof-of-purchase and correctly posting it in the ERP system to reimbursing the employee, the whole process is completed in a few seconds. The tool also boasts stable integration with existing peripheral systems, an intuitive user platform and the Yokoy app, which allows users to easily complete all tasks on-the-go.