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Is the manual processing of incoming post sluggish, expensive, or does information even get lost? Do departments make multiple copies of mailings, and does this result in so-called shadow archives? A Digital Mailroom from Arcplace creates a central point of entry where all incoming paper-based and digital information is automatically captured; this allows it to be distributed electronically throughout the company, traceably processed and finally archived in a legally compliant manner. Find out how easy and effortless it is to get started with the standardized Digital Mailroom solutions from Arcplace.

Service "Light": The small one with a big impact

With the Digital Mailroom Service "Light" you receive your daily post digitally and can process it quickly and easily. All you need to do is apply to Swiss Post to have your letters redirected to the Arcplace Scan & BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Center and you are ready to go. Letters received at the Scan & BPO Center are processed by scan operators and a PDF/A file is created from the content of each envelope. Following this you will receive your post as electronic mail via SFTP server or email. The physical originals, as well as any shipments containing 3D objects, are returned on a weekly basis in a registered post package. This service can be implemented within a week and can be expanded and individually customized at any time.

Main benefits:

  • Efficient and complete processing of daily post
  • Faster reaction times and thus higher customer satisfaction
  • Cost-efficient service, fast and easy to implement
Digital Mailroom Service Light

Overview Digital Mailroom Service "Light"


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Digital Mailroom Service Smart

Overview Digital Mailroom Service "Smart"

Main benefits:

  • State-of-the-art service with leading capture technology
  • Access to the customer portal "MyArcplace" (ticketing, validation activities, smart reporting, live monitoring of incoming post)
  • Service can be implemented individually and customized within a week


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Service "Smart": Highly automated, scalable and lean

With the Digital Mailroom Service "Smart" you go one step further and get a lean, automated and scalable process solution for processing your daily incoming post. As soon as the post arrives at the Scan & BPO Center, the post is sorted into different categories according to general rules and your individual instructions. For example, envelopes for specific locations or persons in the company are sorted out prior to scanning and are delivered unopened to the respective recipients. This processing step is referred to as "Blacklist". In addition to physical post, electronic mail can also be processed via this service. These are, for example, emails that are forwarded to a customer-specific inbox in the Arcplace Scan & BPO Center.

After the reception phase, the documents are classified using the leading capture technology, TCG DocProStar, which is based on artificial intelligence. After classification, the software extracts predefined data fields from the documents and, at the end of the process, the generated data is transferred to the customer via SFTP server for further processing. The processed letters and the unopened letters are sent to the customer on a regular basis. Optionally, Arcplace can archive the scanned letters for a specific period of time, after which they are securely and professionally destroyed.

You also have access to the customer portal "MyArcplace" within the scope of this service. In our portal you have the possibility to access a reporting module for your service. You can also submit support requests via the portal and, if required, perform parts of the scanning process yourself, such as validation.

"Digital Mailroom": The customized complete package

In addition to the standardized "Light" and "Smart" services, which have already been presented, Arcplace also offers completely individualized mailroom solutions. This customized approach offers companies a hybrid environment with an integral, expandable and scalable service. All incoming documents, regardless of format (paper, email, e-streams, etc.) and input channel (email, fax, online forms, MFP, mobile, chat, etc.) are processed. The data from the various sources are digitized in a uniform way so that they can be processed further using homogeneous business logics. The service is based on state-of-the-art technologies to automate the classification and data extraction process as far as possible.

The Digital Mailroom solutions can be implemented in-house or obtained as a complete service. Mixed forms are also possible in which, for example, only scanning or image generation takes place in the Arcplace Scan & BPO Center. Data is exchanged between the Scan & BPO Center and the customer over highly secure data connections, which are set up individually.

Main benefits:

  • More efficient distribution of incoming mailings
  • Highest customer satisfaction thanks to faster response times
  • No process interruptions due to lost or neglected paper documents
  • Better compliance as document flows can be viewed and tracked
  • Space savings, as paper documents no longer have to be stored
  • Significantly lower costs
Digital Mailroom Overview

Overview "Digital Mailroom"

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Evaluation of a Digital Mailroom

Evaluation of a Digital Mailroom

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Implementing a Digital Mailroom

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