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Contract Management

Using advanced technology from market leaders we can help our clients to automate the workflows associated with initiating, executing, and monitoring contractual agreements from all areas of the business, such as procurement, sales or IT.


Implementing a contract management solution offers significant savings in purchasing, enables efficient sales cycles, and lowers compliance risk.

Built on no-code platforms, our contract lifecycle management solutions (CLM) come with customizable best practice functionality for buy and sell-side contract management including repository and templates, clause library, flexible approval workflows, built-in Artificial Intelligence, security and compliance safeguards, automated notifications and seamless integration with existing systems.

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CLM Functionalities

Contract Repository

Get immediate access and visibility to all your organization’s contracts. Find any contract or clause.

Template & Clause Library

Create contracts instantly using contract templates or dynamic clause libraries for each agreement type.

Approval Workflows & Execution

Automate approvals including a combination of sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals with internal and external parties.


Comply with regulatory requirements while managing risk, with precise controls, and a complete audit trail for every contract.

Buy Side

Monitor contract obligations, and supplier performance against service level agreements.

Sell Side

Integrate with CRM systems to instantly generate sell-side documents like proposals, MSAs, and sales agreements.

Alerts and Performance Tracking

Ensure the timely execution of key processes with automated alerts, escalations, and assignments through integrated email and SMS messaging.

Artificial Intelligence

Reduce business risk by automatically identifying risky contracts and suggesting replacement clauses from the established clause library.