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Legal requirements for the E-Dossier

Solutions for Human Resources

For HR managers and their staff in particular, our portfolio of solutions offers a broad range of possibilities for optimizing document-related workflows. Find out more about the various options and the expertise you can expect from us.

Typical Use Cases

Scanning HR Dossiers

Flexible scanning services for digitizing personnel dossiers. On site at your premises or at the Arcplace Scan & BPO Center. The scanning is carried out using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence. Experience from more than 150 successful projects and proven quality and security measures complete our offering.

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Electronic HR Dossiers

Using leading technology, Arcplace designs and realises bespoke solutions for the management of personnel dossiers in electronic form. Remote access, greater transparency of document history and more efficient workflows are just some of the advantages.

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Compliant Archiving

In the field of HR in particular, handling sensitive data is the order of the day, which means clean, legally compliant archiving of digital documents is very important. Our solutions allow for adherence to retention periods and offer the utmost security with regard to data access. For this, Arcplace uses cutting-edge systems that can be operated on site or as a cloud model.

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HR solutions are almost always integrated into other, existing and generally leading systems. Interfaces are important, and for this the flexibility of the software used and the expertise of the solution partners are crucial. Our experts have the necessary best practice as well as more than 15 years of experience in integration with third-party systems such as SAP, Abacus, Workday, Navision and other well-known systems.

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Process Solutions in HR

Aside from the advantages of a digital personnel dossier, our software solutions support your HR processes, from onboarding to HR administration, to self-service applications and offboarding. Here, the processes can be mapped in the solution based on your current situation and preferences.

  • On-/Offboarding

    Make the processes for employees joining or leaving the company and the large number of documents involved more efficient and more transparent.
  • Appraisal Process

    Automate execution of recurring appraisal processes or the creation of references.
  • Document Knowledge Transfer

    Carry out regular reviews of guidelines automatically within the organization and create greater transparency regarding the timeliness of these reviews.
  • Self-Services

    Enable employees to view the documents in their own dossiers or automate regular requests such as holidays and training either fully or in part.


White Paper


Personnel E-Dossiers and the Law

Legal requirements for the electronic personnel dossier



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Case Studies

Burkhalter Group

At the cutting edge of digitization with electronic personnel dossiers

Männedorf Hospital

Operation "digitization of personnel dossiers" successful

Transports publics de la région lausannoise

Even more mobility for "TL" with digitized personnel dossiers



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  • Electronic Personnel Dossiers are needed when ...
  • The benefits
  • Papier is expensive
  • The solution: Electronic personnel Dossiers
  • Automatic workflows relieve
  • DMS/ECM system and initial scanning
  • Several options for initial scanning
  • Important: Precise analysis of the current situation
  • Use of leading technologies

Electronic Personnel Dossiers are needed when ...

... the HR processes in your company are paper- and cost-intensive,

... you spend a lot of time searching for personnel information,

... authorised persons should be able to access personnel dossiers at any time and from any location,

... HR processes are delayed by absent persons,

... there are numerous “shadow files” in the departments in addition to the central archive system,

... dossier accesses and processing steps are not fully documented,

... you want to achieve the best possible compliance with data protection,

... paper files take up valuable space in the office.

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