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Server Backup

For the data backup in complex IT environments and high data volumes, Arcplace recommends Backup Enterprise Service. Arcplace offers the Veeam Cloud Connect service to companies that already use Veeam as their backup solution.

The Enterprise Backup software is installed at each location on one or more backup servers. This software offers flexible configuration options for the backup jobs at hand. The service software performs the backup and uses an encrypted connection (AES 256) to transmit it to the Arcplace datacenter and then replicates it again to the second datacenter. The backed-up data is transmitted and stored efficiently, i.e. compressed and de-duplicated. Local hard drives can be used as a local cache during the backup to ensure that a certain number of versions of the backed-up data is also available locally.

There are three scenarios available for data recovery:

  • Scenario 1: Use Backup Enterprise to restore data from the cloud.
  • Scenario 2: Data can be restored from a local storage medium.
  • Scenario 3: For large volumes of data, an Arcplace engineer can physically deliver the encrypted data to the customer's location.


White Paper:

Online Backup Comparison

Independent analysis of different Online Backup Services (German)


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Different cloud variants

Arcplace's Backup Enterprise solution offers maximum flexibility because the data can be stored in Arcplace's datacenters (public cloud) or the customer's datacenters (private cloud). There is also the hybrid cloud option, which can be used to store data in both Arcplace's and the customers' datacenters.

Veeam Cloud Connect Service

Arcplace offers Veeam customers a quick and easy option to store additional copies of virtual machine backups to highly secure datacenters in Switzerland.

The Veeam Cloud Connect Service from Arcplace works seamlessly with Veeam Backup & Replication. With a just a few clicks, companies can configure additional offsite copies of their backup jobs in Veeam. All backup and restore operations are seamlessly logged. Highly secure end-to-end SSL connection is used to transmit the data to the datacenter. Arcplace offers two variants of this service. Depending on the customer's needs, data can be stored in Zurich only or replicated to Geneva as well. The optional WAN acceleration reduces the amount of data that needs to flow back and forth across the WAN by using caching and data compression techniques.

Veeam Cloud Connect Service makes it easy to recover the backed-up data from Arcplace's datacenters quickly and to avoid data loss.


The 3-2-1 rule

External backups held in the Arcplace datacenters make it easier to stick to the golden "3-2-1 backup" rule. This rule states that you must always create three copies of the data on two different media, with one copy stored externally; the original is counted as one of the three copies. With the Veeam Cloud Connect Service, businesses can significantly increase data security in virtual server environments without needing to invest massively in their own IT infrastructure. No additional Veeam licences are required to use the Arcplace Veeam Cloud Connect Service.

Reseller Program

As a reseller of the Arcplace solutions and services you can offer state-of-the-art Information Management and Archiving Solutions to your clients.

Your benefits:

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  • Support from a professional and highly spezialized team
  • Recurring revenue opportunities

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