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Convenient archiving solution for Valora

SAP Archiving

Today, companies use SAP systems to manage many core business processes. Aside from data, these systems have to handle large volumes of documents, which have been traditionally filed in folders. This is because today's organizations tend to process these documents electronically.

Creating and managing documents electronically presents new challenges for companies because these documents must be fully integrated and managed as part of the business process and not in isolation. To do this, companies need to manage their documents within their respective SAP environments.

This is best done by using an archiving system which is linked to SAP using the official SAP ArchiveLinkTM interface. Documents that are managed in cost-effective and legally compliant offsite storage systems can only be linked to the associated business objects in SAP and used in the context of the respective business processes via this link. Apart from the process-related management of documents, there are other demands placed on archiving that are specific to the SAP environment. This mainly relates to the archiving of print lists to store reports electronically and the archiving of data to reduce the load on SAP databases.

The SAP archiving solution by Arcplace complies fully and consistently with all these requirements.

Arcplace Private Cloud Archiving Service

The Arcplace Private Cloud SAP Archiving Service is based on the leading and widely deployed archiving software «KGS ContentServer4Storage». Customers can use this service to archive documents, SAP print lists and SAP data.

The Arcplace Private Cloud Archiving Service is operated from two highly secure Swiss datacenters. The redundant infrastructure and software WORM capabilities allow customers to archive their documents, print lists and data in compliance with the Swiss archiving laws and regulations.

As part of the Archiving Service, Arcplace pro-actively monitors and manages both the IT infrastructure and the SAP archiving application.


Benefits of the Private Cloud Archiving Service

  • Fully outsourced archiving solution
  • No investment in hardware and software required
  • Based on proven, state-of-the-art technologies
  • Easy to use, flexible and expandable
  • Disaster recovery copies stored in highly secure Swiss datacenters
  • Both datacenters are certified to ISO 27001 and have been successfully tested by an independent body in accordance with the FINMA Circular 2008/7
  • Compliance with Swiss and international archiving standards
  • Guaranteed long-term integrity and accessibility of archived data
  • Quick setup – up and running within four weeks

Flexible implementation models

There are different implementation models available for the technologies used by Arcplace. Besides conventional on-premise installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of cloud-based services, solutions are offered from Arcplace's datacenters or the manufacturer in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Flexible implementation models

White Paper:

The lean archive for ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA

Satisfied KGS and SAP customers are now processing the daily flood of information with a new, lean archive

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Case Study:


More convenient archiving solution for Valora

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