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A Document Management System (DMS) helps companies to systemise the management of their electronic business documents. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, companies can manage documents from their creation to their destruction.

Arcplace uses DMS technologies from leading manufacturers that offer companies a range of functions and features to make handling documents more efficient and less risky. The key DMS functions include:

  • Structuring of document collections (dossier, file structure)
  • Indexing of documents (metadata)
  • Full-text search
  • Document versioning
  • Lifecycle management (retention periods)
  • Integration into scanning solutions (scanning stations)
  • Protection against unauthorised access and encryption
  • Logging of data access
  • Compliant archiving by ensuring data integrity
  • Integration into specialised applications (master data exchange, linking of documents)
  • Mobile and location-independent access, simultaneous access
  • Intuitive integration into Outlook / Office

Flexible implementation models

There are different implementation models available for the DMS technologies used by Arcplace. Besides conventional on-premise installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of a cloud-based service, the solution is offered from Arcplace's datacenters.


Arcplace DMS solution partners

Arcplace has strategic partnerships with a number of DMS solution vendors, including:

  • Kendox
  • windream
  • Hyland

With these technologies, Arcplace is able to offer the necessary flexibility to successfully meet the requirements and deliver on the concept and introduction of a DMS solution.

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