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Data Genomics Index from Veritas

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Storage Optimization

Every year, the volume of data across companies soars. This steady increase represents a challenge for IT departments, in particular, with regard to the sustainable and efficient data storage strategies.

The storage optimization solutions by Arcplace offer IT departments a tool which helps to minimise the effects of the data explosion and makes it manageable. Rather than having to acquire ever larger and more expensive storage solutions, the solution offered by Arcplace reduces the load on the affected systems automatically based on a flexible set of rules. The data is moved at regular intervals from the primary system to the archive. This frees the storage space on the primary system, which increases the performance and availability of the systems. Users continue to enjoy easy access to the data, as they can retrieve the required data from the archive using links.

Storage Optimization for various sources

Arcplace uses storage optimization software from Veritas, the leading manufacturer in the field of information management. The used Veritas technologies help to reduce the load on email, file server and SharePoint environments.

In addition, Arcplace uses technology from the company KGS Software for data archiving in SAP environments. These solutions have been developed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving and have been among the most widely used solutions in this field for many years.

Clarity with data assessment

Arcplace offers a data assessment to shed light onto dark data and empower companies to make decisions regarding their future data storage. During the assessment, the file server is analysed to provide information about the content, data usage, age of the data, volume of duplicate data, etc. Find out more about the possibilities provided by a data assessment – we would be happy to advise you:

Flexible implementation models

The efficient storage optimization solutions offered by Arcplace can be implemented using different models. In addition to conventional on-site installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of a cloud-based service, the solution is offered from Arcplace's datacenters.

Flexible implementation models

Data Genomics Project

In 2015, Veritas launched the Data Genomics Project. Veritas analysed billions of gigabytes of unstructured data as part of the project, and fed the findings into the Data Genomics Index.


White Paper:

Data Genomics Index

A report on the true makeup of storage environments from the experts in unstructured data


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