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Swiss archiving laws and regulations

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Archiving & E-Discovery

Every year, the volume of data across companies soars exponentially. This brings several challenges to the table, including how to handle unstructured data in a clean and efficient manner. This raises the question, what data is likely to be important or even business-critical going forward.

The Arcplace solutions for legally compliant data archiving are aimed at the storage of unstructured business data. The data from various sources is stored continuously in an archive in a legally compliant manner. In addition to data from emails, it is possible to archive entire conversations from instant messaging platforms, data from file or SharePoint servers, or even data from endpoint devices. This data is then made available to the company in an efficient form to execute complex search queries or so-called e-discoveries.

EDRM – Electronic Discovery Reference Model

As part of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model framework – referred to as EDRM in short – the Arcplace solutions for the legally compliant storage of unstructured data focus on the areas of "preservation" and "collection". This gives companies the opportunity to search the collected data and to analyse it as part of the discovery steps "processing", "review" and "analysis".


Be proactive – not reactive

Ongoing retention ("preservation") presents a major challenge for companies and many companies have so far failed to establish a retention strategy. This means that companies only become active when there is specific data to be analysed. This reactive approach is very time-consuming and expensive. In addition, it cannot always be guaranteed that all the data will be available promptly for analysis, and that the analysed data will be complete.

Arcplace's solutions ensure that companies are prepared and can thus actively respond to internal and external requests, which involve unstructured data.

Case Study:

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft with a new archiving solution


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Flexible implementation models

Flexible implementation models

Arcplace's legally compliant data archiving solutions with efficient e-discovery options can be implemented using different models. In addition to conventional on-site installations, customers can choose between the "Managed" or "Cloud" service models. In the case of a managed service, the solution is provided on the customer's premises while being operated and managed by Arcplace. In the case of a cloud-based service, the solution is offered from Arcplace's datacenters.