From capture to smart capture

Dossier "Capture"

Intelligent Capture Technologies

Input Management

Input Management solutions master the challenge of extracting information from a multitude of sources before providing it to the downstream business applications. This involves scanning and capture technologies.

Input Management phases

Successful Input Management can be divided into three main phases: scanning, capture and processing.

If documents are physically available in full or in part, they are digitalized at the beginning of the scanning phase. This is done using special scanning equipment or multifunctional devices.

The scanning phase is followed by the capture phase. Special software for classifying the documents and extracting the information is used here. The aim of this is the complete or partial automatic further processing of the documents and information. The capture phase usually results in PDF files including the corresponding metadata. These can then be transferred to a business application such as DMS, ECM or ERP for the processing phase.


Arcplace Scanning Services

Despite the fact that an increasing number of companies are moving from paper to digital documents, many organizations still have large paper archives and a significant amount of time-consuming paper-based processes. The Arcplace Scanning Services allow companies to benefit quickly from the advantages of digital documents without the need for setting up and maintaining internal scanning infrastructure and resources.

Arcplace Scanning Services include:

  • The latest scanning hardware
  • Leading capture software for indexing scanned documents
  • Design, installation and configuration services
  • Services for the digitization of existing paper records (on-site at the customer’s premises or in the Arcplace Scan Center)


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Capture: classification and data extraction

The two main activities during the capture process involve classification and data extraction. Arcplace uses different types of classification, alone or in combination, to make the process as efficient as possible:

  • Layout-based
  • Content-based
  • "Smart-words"
  • Barcodes / QR Codes

The purpose of data extraction is to capture the required information accurately and in full. To do this, Arcplace has the following options at its disposal, amongst others:

  • "Freeform" and zonal recognition / form-based recognition
  • Automatic validation using master data
  • Manual validation for quality assurance
  • Barcodes / QR-Codes

Two typical scenarios where Arplace uses the capture technology are the extraction of information from supplier invoices and the identifcation of a recipient of a letter as part of a digital mailroom solution.



Extract and automatically process business information


Multichannel Capture

Multichannel capture technologies offer standardized and automated functions for the reliable detection of various types of incoming documents and information. They accelerate downstream processes by collecting documents, converting them into accurate, actionable information, which is then delivered to business applications or workflows. Possible sources for multichannel capture include information on paper, such as faxes, emails or documents from mobile devices such as smartphones.

Arcplace Scan Center

The Arcplace Scan Center in Glattbrugg, Switzerland processes documents of all types for companies all across Switzerland. The Scan Center is on one hand used for recurring scanning activities such as the scanning of supplier invoices, orders or the complete mail traffic. The Scan Center is also used for the digitization of larger paper archives that are then typically transferred to DMS, ECM or ERP systems.

The Arcplace Scan Center is certified to the ISO 27001 security standard and uses state of the art technology for the digitization and capture of documents of all types and sizes. A professional team consisting of project managers, engineer and scanning operators helps customers to define and implement the scanning processes that best suits the requirements.


Case Study:

Debrunner Koenig Group

Nearly 2500 personnel dossiers digitized


Case Study:



Digitizing files at the Raiffeisen bank in Burgdorf


Arcplace technology partners

Arcplace has strategic partnerships with different capture technology vendors of which three important ones are:

  • TCG
  • Hyland Software

With these technology vendors, Arcplace is able to cover requirements going from simple capture stations to advanced multichannel classification and extraction solutions.