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Legal requirements for the E-Dossier

Electronic Personnel Dossiers

When it comes to the management of personnel records, modern HR departments have clearly defined requirements. Access to the records must be simple, fast, secure and reliable - preferably across the entire company.

Besides electronic documents, a typical personnel filing system today also still includes a large number of documents in paper-based form. As a rule, these are employment contracts, annual performance appraisals, training certificates and much more. Managing personnel dossiers a company is facing different challenges: searching for documents is time-consuming, the secure filing of the records in separate rooms or cabinets is expensive, not to mention the fact that personnel documents must also be archived in accordance with existing retention policies for specific periods and subsequently destroyed.

The time and cost-saving alternative to this is to use an electronic personnel filing system. In this regard, a central Document Management or Enterprise Content Management System (DMS/ECM) serves as a repository for the personnel documents on the one hand. The system also enables electronic processing from the receipt of the personnel documents to handling through to the archiving. Ongoing scanning of personnel records keeps the personnel filing system constantly up to date, whilst at the same time; the electronic documents are stored centrally and/or fed into the corresponding workflow.

Legally compliant, secure and user-friendly

The electronic storage of various different document types grants HR department an up-to-date and complete overview of employee records within their company at all times. In addition, the system ensures the legally-compliant and secure storage of personnel dossiers. Interfaces to standard HR applications also permit the exchange of master data and access from existing environments. In each case, the DMS/ECM system only allows authorised users access to the highly confidential personnel records.

For the electronic personnel filing system, Arcplace uses the very latest technologies for scanning, workflow, document management and archiving. Accordingly, Arcplace can offer user-friendly and efficient solutions for HR departments and, in doing so, cater to the needs of companies of different sizes in helping them with the task of managing their personnel dossiers.

Digitization of the personnel dossiers

Personnel filing systems are used for storing highly sensitive information. For this reason, Arcplace offers an on-site scanning service, which allows the existing personnel dossiers to be digitized quickly and efficiently directly at the customer's location when introducing such a solution. Scanning on-site offers the advantage that the sensitive dossiers never leave the company.

What is more, it is possible to access the documents at all times during the scanning process. To provide its on-site scanning service, Arcplace deploys a professional team and ultra-modern scanning infrastructure.

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White Paper:

In the course of digitization, companies today are striving to manage personnel dossiers electronically (only) if possible, because various advantages are linked to the electronic personnel dossier.

To ensure that these advantages can actually be used, it is important to use a legally compliant electronic personnel dossier.

E-Dossiers and the law

Legal requirements for the electronic personnel dossier (German)


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