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Electronic Dossiers / Overview

Dossiers represent collections of different kinds of documents related to a specific subject. Most companies work with dossiers, irrespective of their size or business sector, for example: personnel dossiers, customer dossiers, student dossiers, patient dossiers, project dossiers, case dossiers, transport dossiers, property dossiers, tenancy contract dossiers.

In this digital age, the challenge is to manage and archive such dossiers electronically (E-Dossier). Users have different requirements with regard to how the new system should simplify and improve their work processes. What's more, legal regulations exist for the management and retention of some documents, which must be complied with. In order to be able to fulfil these requirements, a Document Management or Enterprise Content Management System (DMS/ECM) is used.

With the help of electronic dossiers, customers receive a complete and up-to-date overview of the dossier content and also benefit from numerous helpful functions, such as:

  • Comprehensive search functions
  • Legally compliant document archiving
  • Access control based on an authorisation concept
  • Integration in existing business applications
  • Integration in Microsoft Office and Outlook

The users of electronic dossiers benefit from the following advantages:

  • Cost savings through a reduction in archiving space
  • Faster access to dossiers or specific documents
  • Better access management and control
  • Minimized risk of data loss
  • Better protection against fire or water damage

Arcplace has many years of experience in building E-Dossier solutions and can fulfil a wide range of requirements.


E-Dossiers Examples


HR departments and managers require simple, fast and secure access to personnel dossiers.

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The retention periods for student dossiers may differ based on the respective cantonal regulations.

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The use of electronic property dossiers simplifies work processes and offers rapid and secure access to the required documents.

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Tenancy Contract

The electronic storage of various different document types provides users with an up-to-date and complete overview of the documents at all times.

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100 % Swiss Services

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