Digital Mailroom Service "Smart" – modern and future oriented

With the new Digital Mailroom Service "Smart", Arcplace is offering a lean, automated and scalable solution for the digitization of daily incoming post. Supplemented by a "Smart Blacklist" and "Smart Reporting", the manual processing of incoming post is greatly reduced, thereby saving valuable resources.

Smart Blacklist

Incoming post is subjected to various sorting, opening and scanning processes. Arcplace's intelligently developed filters for incoming post ensure that the requirements of the so-called "Smart Blacklist" predefined exclusion list are met. The Smart Blacklist is a set of rules that define how special cases are handled. Blacklist criteria can be managed independently and in real time via the myArcplace customer portal. Arcplace has developed the Capsule Live OCR for the Digital Mailroom Service "Smart". Recipient's addresses on closed letters are read using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automatically monitored by the system for blacklist rule violations, for example, envelopes marked "confidential", "personal", or with names of officials, or keywords that have been predefined by departments or teams.

The addressed envelope is held under the camera lens of a permanently installed tablet. The Capsule Live OCR installed on the tablet recognizes the address, reads it and checks it based on whether the sender meets the blacklist criteria or not. The result is displayed in colour within seconds. If the item is identified as blacklisted it is rejected and sent back to the customer without ever having been physically opened.



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Smart Reporting via myArcplace

Using Smart Reporting in the myArcplace customer portal, the customer has the opportunity to monitor all the information on incoming post live, for example, the number of items. Its user-friendliness is clearly demonstrated through several filter functions. Results are updated instantly and dynamically. Individual requirements can be met at all times thanks to its powerful reporting technology.


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