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Swiss archiving laws and regulations

Compliant Document Archiving

Our compliant digital archiving solutions provide fast, reliable online access to your most critical digital documents, allowing you to effectively collaborate with your business partners. Role-based permissions ensure important seamless security.

Arcplace has solutions for the legally compliant storage of electronic documents coming from Scanning Stations, Office Applications or directly from Business Applications. The solutions offered by Arcplace furthermore allow easily searching and retrieving documents using metadata and full-text information.

The solutions enable legally compliant archiving in accordance with Swiss (Swiss Code of Obligations [OR], Swiss regulation on archiving and maintenance of business relevant documents [GeBüV], etc.) and international laws and regulations.

For the electronic archiving of your documents, Arcplace relies on proven DMS/ECM technology. These technologies make it possible to extend the electronic archive with additional functionality such as E-Dossiers or Workflows if and when needed.

The Arcplace document archiving solutions can be delivered as:

  • In-house installation
  • Managed service
  • Cloud service (Public or Private)
Compliant Archiving
Cloud DMS/Archive

Cloud DMS/Archive

Arcplace has developed a cloud service that allows companies to make use of a high-end document management and archiving platform at a significantly lower cost than that for an in-house solution. Arcplace garantees 100% data storage in Switzerland.

The Cloud DMS/Archive service furthermore allows customers to archive documents in compliance with both Swiss and international archiving laws and regulations. In order to ensure disaster recovery and compliance, the Arcplace infrastructure is hosted in highly secure datacenters.

To maximize accessibility and quality, the Arcplace Operations Team monitors and manages the infrastructure from its operations center in Zurich. Both the Cloud DMS/Archive service and the datacenters are certified against the ISO 27001 information security standard.

White Paper:

This white paper intends to provide interested parties with a quick overview of the legal framework surrounding the subject of digital archiving in Switzerland.

Swiss archiving laws and regulations

Legal framework surrounding the subject of digital archiving in Switzerland


ISAE 3000 Assurance Report of the Cloud DMS/Archive:

BDO AG was commissioned by Arcplace to report on the internal control system (ICS) which was implemented in the Cloud DMS / Archive Service on January 1, 2015.

BDO Report

Test report of the Cloud DMS/Archive according to ISAE 3000 (German)