Extract and automatically process Business Information


The amount of information that reaches a company in various formats and through different channels is increasing. This makes their processing expensive. For that reason, it will be all the more crucial in future to be able to process all documents with just one system, regardless of the incoming format. This is where capture technologies come into play. They support companies in capturing all incoming documents and data centrally and in optimizing processes.


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  • You can benefit from capture technologies if ...
  • Benefits
  • Standardized processing for all formats
  • The challenge of “unstructured documents”
  • Automatic document classification by means of artificial intelligence
  • The right balance: low error rate vs high manual work
  • Extracting relevant data and automating processes
  • Use of leading technologies

You can benefit from Capture Technologies if ...


... you need to process mail arriving via various channels, in different formats and with different content,

... the input, sorting and classification of the incoming information is very time-consuming,

... your staff work from different locations and need access to documents at any time or have to approve information,

... process delays or interruptions are common in your company due to documents not being forwarded or being forwarded too slowly,

... you wish to optimize and automate your processes to ensure you can concentrate on your core business once again.