March 30th, 2023

Arcplace digitizes invoice reception for Winterthur Cantonal Hospital

As part of the digitization of invoice processing, the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital (KSW) has opted for Arcplace's scanning services and Cloud DMS/Archive solution. In addition to digitizing all paper invoices, the necessary invoice information from PDF and e-invoices is captured, validated, and transferred to an existing system for further processing at the KSW. Finally, the Cloud DMS/Archive ensures the legally compliant archiving of the digital documents.

View of the new hospital wing of Winterthur Cantonal Hospital (Image source: KSW)

As a centre hospital, the KSW provides comprehensive basic medical care for a quarter of a million inhabitants in the greater Winterthur area with almost 4,000 employees and 500 beds. In addition, it provides highly specialized medical services for about half a million people.

The central invoice receipt of the cantonal hospital comprises around 60,000 invoices per year. With the introduction of a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) platform for automated invoice processing, KSW has decided to have all incoming invoices digitized.

Increased cost efficiency thanks to Input Management solution

To ensure timely processing of incoming supplier invoices, the processing is optimized. Paper invoices are scanned. Together with the imported PDF invoices, the process and accounting-relevant data are extracted per invoice and refined into verified invoice information in the automatic comparison with master data of the ERP system. In addition to paper and PDF invoices, e-invoices are also received and the relevant invoice information is determined from them. After the subsequent validation of all invoices, the files are transmitted via SFTP server to an existing system of the cantonal hospital, where the invoices are further processed by means of a verification and approval workflow. Via the myArcplace customer portal, KSW has the possibility to retrieve the most important processing parameters per input channel and processing day at any time. Real-time information shows the processing figures and the current degree of fulfilment of the service levels.

The automated process leads to faster and more cost-effective invoice processing. At the same time, the completeness as well as the required quality of the invoice information – also regarding legal requirements – is guaranteed.

Legally compliant archiving in the Cloud DMS/Archive

Once the invoices have been checked and approved for payment by the ERP, the invoice image, invoice attachments and the circulation log as well as the associated meta information are stored in Arcplace's Cloud DMS/Archive for archiving. In the future, the user-friendly and flexible archiving solution will offer the KSW the possibility to manage other document types or even electronic dossiers and to archive them in a legally compliant manner. The Cloud DMS/Archive service can also be expanded and used as a Digital Mailroom. Both the Cloud DMS/Archive service and the data centers are certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security.

Arcplace AG

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