December 10th, 2020

VERIT Immobilien puts its faith in artificial intelligence and Arcplace

To expedite digitization within the company, VERIT Immobilien AG has decided to employ Arcplace's Scanning Services. Every year, over 100,000 documents are scanned in the Arcplace Scan & BPO Center so that they can then be passed on to the existing peripheral systems. Arcplace uses TCG DocProStar technology to classify incoming mail documents. This technology operates with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). At VERIT Immobilien, this results in greater efficiency, fewer repetitive tasks and faster through-put times.

VERIT Immobilien AG

(Image source: VERIT Immobilien AG)

VERIT has been in successful operation since 1960 on the Swiss real estate market as an independent real estate service provider. VERIT is consistently expediting its digital transformation as part of its comprehensive digitization strategy. An electronic archive and digital mailroom have been introduced. Responsibility for the scanning of all incoming mail documents and vendor invoices was outsourced to Arcplace.

Artificial intelligence as the key technology for more automation

After the physical documents have been scanned in the Arcplace Scan & BPO Center using the highly automated one-step scanning OPEX technology, artificial intelligence is used to classify the incoming mail documents. The system was "trained" in advance with example documents. The system is constantly learning as it works, and the classification intelligence can be expanded – by way of the continuous improvements it makes through self-learning or the addition of new document types and those from existing documents in the digital VERIT archive.

The goal is to use such automation and machine learning functionalities to ensure that the solution is constantly optimized, thus relieving the managers at VERIT Immobilien AG of repetitive manual tasks. In addition, the trained artificial intelligence tests further business cases, which constantly boosts the quality of the filed documents and accelerates the digital processes.

"Artificial intelligence is a key technology for VERIT in achieving greater efficiency in handling digital documents and simultaneously attaining a higher quality. Artificial intelligence helps us to relieve staff of administrative activities during their daily routine work," explains Martin Frei, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), VERIT Immobilien AG.

Roger Egli, Solution Owner Input Management at Arcplace, adds: "We regard VERIT Immobilien AG as highly innovative and forward-looking. So we're all the more pleased to be able to implement this forward-looking project with VERIT and to be in a position to clearly optimize its processes through the use of artificial intelligence."

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