July 10th, 2017

Strategically important market gets new contact

The digital age dawned a long time ago in the real estate industry. Working with electronic dossiers and mobile devices is already the order of the day for some companies. Stefan Röösli has now assumed the role of account manager for the real estate industry in order to be able to provide real estate industry customers with even better advice and care in digitizing their business processes.

Stefan Röösli, Account Manager – Real Estate


Arcplace has been successfully implementing the electronic processing and archiving of documents in real estate industry projects since 2010. In particular, Arcplace has been able to provide complete solutions, from scanning to archiving, from a single source for digitizing creditor workflows.

The introduction of electronic dossiers for the various departments in real estate administrations is an important step in digital transformation, because only digital documents can be processed with workflows and provided on online portals. Mobile working has also been simplified by making the required documents retrievable at any time, even when on the go. Digitization of a complete inbox is even more advanced. The scanned consignments are assigned directly to a workflow system for further processing. As a result, the client is brought one step closer to the vision of a paperless office.

This vital industry for Arcplace will now be supervised by its very own account manager, Stefan Röösli. He works at Arcplace since 2014 and is a member of the extended management. "Particularly in the case of document-intensive business activities, the digitization of business processes provides tremendous advantages," noted Stefan Röösli. "It's precisely here that Arcplace can provide support with its tailor-made solutions and also give advice based on its experience."

Changed starting point from 2018

Stefan Röösli also sees great potential due to the changes in the regulatory framework for data processing. "Companies in the real estate industry often process sensitive personal data. As part of the new General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR), compliance regulations are going to get much tougher." For example, every company will have to know where data protection-relevant data is stored and have it under control at all times. In this field, Arcplace provides various solutions, from analysis and administration of data and documents to automated deletion, based on defined intervals.

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