June 9th, 2021

Jungheinrich optimizes contract management with Arcplace

Thanks to the contract management solution implemented by Arcplace, Jungheinrich AG has achieved great improvements with regard to time, space and cost efficiency. All contracts are now created, edited and stored centrally and electronically in Hyland's OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. The time-consuming search for information has been eliminated, processing times are shorter and piles of paper are a thing of the past.

(Image source: Jungheinrich AG)

Jungheinrich AG is one of the world's three largest service providers in the areas of industrial trucks, warehousing and material flow technology, and it is one of the leading solution providers for intralogistics. The group, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, is represented in 40 countries worldwide with its own direct sales companies – including Switzerland.

In the past, new contracts at Jungheinrich were sent as PDFs to the accounting department after they were signed. There they were checked and the relevant information was noted in an Excel file. The original contract was stored physically in a folder. The lack of a central digital repository made it difficult to search for information, the sending of a new contract to the accounting department could not be ensured, and the paper archive required a lot of space and cost money. To improve the time-consuming and costly process of contract management, the company turned to Arcplace.

A continuous process – from creation through to archiving

The ECM solution implemented by Arcplace is based on Hyland's leading platform OnBase, which enables the highly efficient electronic management of contract documents. New contracts are entered directly by the contract manager in the contract categories predefined by Jungheinrich, during which all associated documents and information can be assigned. The solution is completely web-based and offers authorised persons access to the records at any time, regardless of location. Searching for information is therefore significantly easier and faster. "We have all the contracts in one place and can easily search or filter them according to the data we want," explains Marcello Leuci, Head of IT at Jungheinrich AG. Contracts entered in the system are archived automatically, which means the physical archiving of paper documents has become obsolete. Marcello Leuci added: "We didn't want to have paper anymore, and we didn't want to spend hours searching for information." The flexible and scalable platform solution OnBase can be expanded and therefore also used for other use cases throughout the company in the future.

 Case Study: Digital Contract Management – Jungheinrich no longer stacks paper

Arcplace AG

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