December 12th, 2017

Ernst Sutter AG automates invoice processing with Arcplace

With the help of Arcplace and in just four months, Ernst Sutter AG, Switzerland's third largest meat processer, has switched to a fully digital workflow for processing and archiving supplier invoices. The now largely automated invoice processing means that throughput times have been reduced, employees and the accounting department have been unburdened, and there have been significant improvements in terms of cost transparency.

Ernst Sutter AG

(Image source: Ernst Sutter AG)


35,000 supplier invoices per year

Ernst Sutter AG, which is a member of the Fenaco Group, receives around 35,000 supplier invoices each year. In the past, account allocation, verification and authorization activities for paper invoices took a great deal of time and generated substantial costs. For this reason, the company opted for an integrated solution from Arcplace, which enables the efficient electronic processing and legally compliant archiving of supplier invoices, fully integrated into the existing ERP system.

Digital invoice workflow saves a great deal of time and money

Invoices are scanned and subjected to electronic account allocation, verification and approval processes. Invoices that refer to an order in the ERP system are automatically cross-checked. In the event of correspondence, they are allocated to an account and transferred to the financial accounting system for payment. The remaining invoices go through an electronic examination and approval process based on the double-checking principle. The items to be approved are automatically recorded and sent to the responsible people by email for approval. To finish, all invoices are stored in a digital and legally compliant manner.

50% of supplier invoices processed within two days

Michael Strübi, Head of Controlling and a member of Executive Management at Ernst Sutter AG, confirms the striking improvements: "50 percent of our vendor invoices are now processed within two days." Ernst Sutter AG can now allocate costs more precisely and benefits from greater transparency. The automated processes and legally compliant archiving help to avoid incorrect filing and document losses. The solution was implemented in just four months without interfering with ongoing accounting operations and is to be implemented in other companies of the Fenaco Group in the coming months.

 Case Study: Ernst Sutter AG automates its invoice processing

 Automated Invoice Processing solutions

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