July 14th, 2016

Arcplace celebrates 10th anniversary

What began with an email archiving pilot and a two-man operation in 2006 is now a business that has implemented solutions for information management and archiving at over 800 companies. With more than 50 employees and a comprehensive solution portfolio, Arcplace helps smaller and global companies to efficiently manage their data and documents.

Robbert Spierings

Managing Director Robbert Spierings, Founder of Arcplace


The Swiss IT company Arcplace is celebrating its tenth year of existence in 2016. Founded in 2006 by Robbert Spierings, Dutch by birth and Swiss by choice, today Arcplace offers a solution portfolio for digitalizing, managing and archiving documents as well as for backing up and archiving data. Arcplace combines the newest technologies with innovative service models – including Managed Services, Cloud Services and Business Process Outsourcing – and works for both SMEs and internationally active major corporations.

From email archiving to process digitalization

Company Founder Robbert Spierings remembers: “The two of us began in the summer of 2006 with a Managed Service Solution for archiving emails in an audit-proof manner. In customer pitches, we got the impression that companies also had a great need for solutions for digitally capturing and archiving paper documents and for digitalizing document-based processes. For us, it was therefore logical to keep developing our offerings in this direction.”

The top topics today: digitalized processes and compliance

In addition to solutions for audit-proof archiving of data and documents, Arcplace also offers scanning services for electronically recording paper documents. A very wide range of documents, such as personnel dossiers and vendor invoices, are digitalized in this manner. Arcplace scans and processes all daily incoming mail for some customers. Arcplace offers the scanning services on the customer’s premises (on-site scanning) or in the own Scan Center. With the solutions for digitalizing paper-based processes, Arcplace customers benefit from reduced time expenditure, more transparency and lower paper consumption.

Additionally, constantly increasing compliance requirements have served and continue to serve as door openers for the Zurich-based digitalization and archiving specialists. Managing Director Robbert Spierings: “Many businesses are not aware of the enormous costs that can be incurred by searching for, analysing and preparing digital business information. Arcplace offers archiving and e-discovery solutions for these situations that not only cover email traffic completely but also take other data sources into consideration, such as file systems or information from instant messaging platforms. Such a system functions like the black box of an aircraft and can reduce the time required for the search from weeks to minutes in the case of need.”

Full of energy into the future

Due to the continually growing amounts of information and the mega trend towards digitalization, Arcplace will focus on the topics information management and archiving in the future too. The founder: “In the next 10 years as well, we want to help our customers manage their ”databerg”, fulfil compliance requirements, and become more competitive thanks to leaner and more efficient digital processes.”

Arcplace AG

Swiss company Arcplace AG is a specialized IT service provider in the information management and archiving industry. Arcplace's portfolio includes solutions for the scanning, management and archiving of documents as well as the protection and archiving of data. By combining the latest technologies with innovative service models like Managed Services, Cloud Services or Business Process Outsourcing, Arcplace can provide optimal solutions for companies of any size.

Since its founding in 2006, Arcplace has implemented solutions for more than 800 customers across a wide range of sectors. Arcplace offers its services via datacenters located in Switzerland.


Arcplace AG
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