August 30th, 2022

Arcplace and VERIT Immobilien work together on intelligent mandate access solution

To facilitate a change of mandate in real estate management, Arcplace and VERIT Immobilien have jointly developed a unique artificial intelligence (AI) solution. Thanks to a high degree of automation, which is up to 90%, the manual effort required for accessing a mandate is reduced by up to 60%. The end-to-end process therefore solves a general sector problem when it comes to a change of management, and is completely new in this form in Switzerland.

VERIT Immobilien and Arcplace make life easier for the real estate industry.

In practice, a change of property management involves a number of pitfalls when it comes to handing over the extensive number of dossiers. Especially when the new management firm works with digital dossiers, this involves a great deal of manual effort. This is because the documents that exist in paper form or as PDFs have to be transferred from the old management firm to the new company's own filing system and structure. Often, documents that are available digitally are even printed out and scanned back in to be sorted, reorganized and re-catalogued. The mandate access solution, which was jointly developed by Arcplace and VERIT Immobilien, covers the entire process, from any scanning, to the automatic classification and indexing of the documents, to the targeted transfer to the digital archive.

Artificial intelligence as a core component

The core of the newly developed mandate access solution consists of logic based on artificial intelligence (AI), which was trained in advance using property-specific documents and the management firm's own filing structure. The AI component uses advanced methods such as "machine learning" to independently create suitable algorithms based on examples in the background, so that the documents to be classified are correctly recognized and processed in the live system. The clear and unambiguous set-up of a company's own dossier structures, the careful, representative selection of the right examples in sufficiently large quantities, and continuous training with new documents for the AI are key to achieving a high automation rate, meaning they are critical to achieving matches and ensuring the success of the project. If individual recognition rates are still too low or if the documents change over time in terms of content or layout, the algorithms can be continuously fine-tuned thanks to "self-learning", which means the AI is kept up to date with changing circumstances. It is important that the training and fine-tuning is done in defined, controlled and iterative process steps by technical experts.

"With the new mandate access process, we have solved a fundamental problem in management together with Arcplace. Regardless of whether the documents are handed over in physical or digital form, we now have a simple and smart solution for transferring all documents to the audit-proof archive in the form we require. The manager only has to intervene if the artificial intelligence shows too much uncertainty in a document," explains Martin Frei, Chief Digital Officer at VERIT Immobilien AG.

Clear added value for the sector

With the mandate access solution, the results of each mandate access activity can be transferred smoothly and quickly to the designated target system (archive/e-dossier). Due to the high degree of automation and state-of-the-art technology (AI), a process that is usually arduous and laborious can now be implemented in a very streamlined and largely automated manner. Preparatory work for scanning can be reduced to a minimum, resulting in valuable time savings. All documents from the different dossier types (property dossier, tenant dossier, owner dossier or caretaker dossier) can be scanned and classified with the same solution.

Players in the property sector can therefore benefit from the preliminary work done by VERIT Immobilien and Arcplace, and manage their own mandate access activities (analogue, digital or hybrid) using the same solution in future. This represents added value for the entire sector and closes a gap that is currently still very wide, and which will become increasingly as more management firms make the move to digital dossiers.

Stefan Röösli, Account Manager Real Estate at Arcplace: "Together with VERIT Immobilien, we were able to combine advanced technologies into an overall solution in this project. The AI technologies are not just used as buzzwords here, but specifically and as a central component for an everyday process. We are convinced that we can make life easier for the real estate sector with this solution."

For more detailed information on the mandate access solution, please contact:

Arcplace AG
Stefan Röösli
+41 44 501 22 24

VERIT Immobilien AG
Martin Frei
+41 44 389 77 18

VERIT Immobilien AG

VERIT Immobilien AG is a real estate company operating throughout Switzerland with over 60 years’ experience in the management and operation of real estate. VERIT specialises in the management, revitalisation, letting and sale of real estate for institutional and private property owners and accompanies them professionally and securely along the entire real estate life cycle.

VERIT Immobilien AG has been part of the Avobis Group since 2021. Around 150 employees at ten locations throughout Switzerland look after and manage over 40,000 rental properties.

Arcplace AG

Swiss company Arcplace AG is a specialized IT service provider that supports organizations in the digitization and automation of document related processes as well as in electronic archiving.

Since its founding in 2006, Arcplace has implemented solutions for more than 900 customers across a wide range of sectors. Arcplace is a privately owned and independent company with a professional team of over 90 employees.

Arcplace offers its services via datacenters located in Switzerland and is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for information security.